Call For Submissions: Thank You For The Music

In the spirit of Berlin Film Society‘s September screening of Philipp Jedicke’s Shut Up And Play The Piano – the acclaimed documentary about the outrageous and subversive Chilly Gonzales, we are now accepting submissions on films and documentaries all about musicians, music artists, and singers! From Amadeus to Hearts Beat Loud, we’re interested in essays, think pieces, and reviews in the following sub-categories:



Biographical films about tortured geniuses who made a mark in music history.

Examples: Amadeus, The Runaways, La Bamba, Straight Outta Compton, Sid And Nancy, La Vie En Rose, Selena, Control



Dramas, comedies, and musicals about budding musicians, songbirds on the path to stardom, or even just a group of gals performing ABBA songs on a remote Greek island.

Examples: This Is Spinal Tap, Frank, Patti Cake$, The Bodyguard, Félicité, Song To Song, Cold War, Velvet Goldmine



Music documentaries about the secret lives of icons ahead of their time, and the perils of navigating the music industry.

Examples: Shut Up And Play The Piano, Junun, Amy, No Direction Home, Searching For Sugar Man, Matangi/Maya/M.I.A., Bixa Travesty, Gimme Shelter

For more film titles under this theme, be sure to check out our Letterboxd list where we have over 100 recommendations!

We are open to submissions under this theme all throughout September. For more details regarding our criteria, please head over to our Submissions page.

Please send your finished work to

The Berlin Film Society will screen Shut Up And Play The Piano at BUFA on September 7th, followed by a Q&A with director Philipp Jedicke. Tickets are available online.