Meet the Team



JACK HOWARD  (@JackJackHoward)

A graduate in Literature, Jack founded the Berlin Film Journal’s parent organisation, the Berlin Film Society, in 2012. In between film programming, project management, and festival hopping, Jack dreams of buying a one-way ticket to Tokyo and producing cinematic documentaries.


NATHASHA O. KAPPLER  (@tashakappler)

Nathasha is a film programmer at Berlin Film Society, and studies Film and English in London. She splits her time between doing freelance work in child education, and graphic design for political film journal SVLLY(wood) Magazine. She dreams of working with Paul Thomas Anderson and retiring in Muswell Hill.




JORDAN O’SHEA (@jordanmoshea)
Staff Writer

Jordan is a multi-award-winning writer, filmmaker, and musician, with a dangerous adoration for speciality coffee. He dreams of making a film as good as The 400 Blows one day.    


Staff Writer

Tanja is a film enthusiast, lover of all seventhies movies and shy writer of short and long film observations. Currently based in Berlin. Dreaming of being a film projectionist. Surprising you and herself.                                          .


MIKA MANNING (@mik_am2)
Staff Writer

Berlin-based, Irish-rooted artist Mika is a co-programmer for Berlin Film Society’s upcoming short film series Cherry Picks. They’re currently playing with all sorts of art projects, with the dream of one day telling a story.


Staff Writer

Rene Meyer-Grimberg has been watching films critically for herself with others in classes and at festivals for as long as she can remember. She consumes an inordinate amount of culture in all forms and travels a lot to keep it interesting. 


Staff Writer

Berlin-based writer of short fiction, essays and reviews. Equally indebted to Roger Ebert, David Foster Wallace, Rilke and Tool. I think stories is what we live for.  



Millicent Thomas is a freelance writer, Social Editor and podcast co-host at Screen Queens. Currently an undergraduate in Film Studies & Publishing, she longs for the day when Charles Xavier knocks on her door to tell her she’s the worlds most powerful mutant.


EDWARD JARUSIEWICZ (@landlubberer)

Edward is a freelance writer, filmmaker, and video editor located within the United States, where he is currently working towards a Film Studies degree. He dreams of maintaining a backyard pond and someday creating his magnum opus.


RUAIRI MCCANN (@langsmonkey)

A film writer, filmmaker and programmer based in Ireland and an auteurist with flexibility who adores his cat, weird fiction and John Ford.