film review

‘Mon Roi’ – The Fine Print Of A Love Supreme


A done-to-death story of codependent love, where she mistakes his manic highs for everlasting charm and in her search for solid ground locks herself…

Prospero And Yellow String: Carré’s ‘Embers’


Claire Carré’s feature-length directing debut, the science fiction film Embers, is a snapshot of a future where an illness has wiped out the majority…

Deux Jours Une Nuit Two Days One Night Cannes Dardenne Cotillard

‘Deux Jours, Une Nuit’ – A Heartfelt Letter to a Heartless System


In an unsurprisingly down-to-earth move by the Dardenne brothers, Belgium’s horse in next year’s Oscar race, Two Days, One Night, plumbs the dark depths…